Securing Minnesota's Future

The ‘Digital Revolution’ is displacing jobs and transforming the skills required for nearly all professions.

Ensuring Minnesota’s future workforce means getting students aligned with future job skills. The exponential pace of technology requires a much shorter and more direct feedback loop than currently exists. And that’s what The Great MN Tech 2Gether is all about.

Business Leaders, Tech Leaders & Post-Secondary Educators

We are building a stage to take Minnesota students on a journey of their future.

Students will tour 48 Minnesota businesses showcasing how ‘digital transformation’ is influencing their products & services. Next, students meet ‘Influential Leaders’ with advice on the future of jobs. Finally, they’ll pass ‘Transformative Tech’ on their way to ‘Pathways Pavilion’ and be surrounded by post-secondary on-ramps to future skills.

Working Together to Keep Minnesota Strong

We’ve heard your resounding support for TGMNT2, but we think you should hear it from each other too! Join the Partner Summit, Saturday, October 28th for a discussion on ‘Digital Transformation And The Future of Job Skills’. A rare opportunity to gain insight from our panelists and each other!

Partner Summit Video, Panelists & Supporters!

Jean Weiss

Jean Weiss

Executive Director of Code Savvy
Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee

Founder of Firebase / Acquired by Google 2014
Deepinder Singh

Deepinder Singh

Founder of 75F / Worlds 100 Most Disruptive Companies List
Elwin Loomis

Elwin Loomis

Digital Transformation Consultant / Target, Store of the Future
Mark Ritchie

Mark Ritchie

Former MN Secretary of State / President, Worlds Fair 2023 Committee

MN Tech2Gether Panel Discussion

Summit Schedule | Oct 28th, 2017

  • Partner Summit

  • 08:45am - 10:15am
    ○ Andrew​ ​Lee​, Founder of FireBase, acquired by Google in 2014 ○ Mark​ ​Ritchie​, Former Minnesota Secretary of State, spearheading World's Fair, 2023 ○ Deepinder​ ​Singh​, Founder or 75F (100 Most Disruptive Companies in the World) ○ Elwin​ ​Loomis​, Digital Transformation Consultant (Target - Store of the Future)

What’s  in  it  for  you?

  • Meet the Enablers, Deployers, and Champions of ‘digital transformation’
  • Learn how we can secure Minnesota’s future workforce from within!
  • Discover the partnerships critical to our future success
  • Share and understand the challenges of our partner community 
  • Tour the April event location first-hand!