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Your students are already participating in the Digital Transformation – using their mobile devices for games, videos, social media, texting, even homework. But these tools are only precursors of the profound changes we are all about to experience. Jobs (whole professions) are metamorphosing, requiring entirely new skill sets. Those who hear this message NOW and find on-ramps to the skills required will be the rewarded with high paying jobs, those who do not will face an uncertain future.


Saint Thomas Academy
Mendota Heights, MN


Friday to Saturday
April 6 to 7, 2018

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We invite you to the TGMNT2 where your students will see firsthand how these new technologies are transforming the very professions they aspire to. At the end of the journey, they'll have a clear picture of what's causing the disruption and a roadmap to the skills required to participate.

“Minnesota is the #1 fastest growing state for tech jobs.”

-Forbes (August 2015)

The state’s need for young tech talent is growing.

Featured Activities

Exhibit Floor

The first leg of the journey will give real world examples of this new Digital Transformation. At the Exhibit Hall students will tour 48 of Minnesota’s industry leading businesses that will demonstrate how the evolving technology is transforming their products and services. We’re showcasing representatives from the major industry segments in the state, including Manufacturing, Health & Medicine, Retail, Food & Agriculture, Finance & Business, Infrastructure & Sustainability, Information Technology, and Government & Non-Profit.


Next, students will hear presentations from the world’s foremost authorities on the significance of transformational technologies and their impact on jobs and professions. They’ll give the bigger picture to help students understand the new skill sets that will be required for ALL professions.

Robotics Competition

The next stop will reveal what’s going on behind the scenes and driving the Digital Transformation. A glimpse beneath the matrix. Within the Robotics Room it will be shown that there is more to robotics than robots. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are not topics of science fiction. Machines are no longer simply tools that humans use, but rather tools we embrace as ‘co-workers’. We’ll have a robotics competition to show off Minnesota’s amazing robotics community, as well as a demonstration from US Bank to demonstrate how Robotic Process Automation (RBA) is changing their business.

Education Partners

So now that students have been shown the future, it’s time to take them on a sojourn to those places they can prepare for the Digital Transformation. The On-Ramps Pavillion will feature the many post-secondary paths available for gaining the skills that they’ll need, including vocational schools, tech programs, universities, and online education. Plus, students will be introduced to local tech groups that meet regularly to discuss and explore particular technologies. They will all be here in person to answer students’ questions and get them on their way!

Maker Space

The last stop on the journey will show the student one of the many new ‘Maker Spaces’ created to foster innovation through the era of Digital Transformation. – a real working space where people with common interests gather to work on projects to collaborate with ideas, equipment, and knowledge. It is this shared use of resources and the democratization of the process that speeds up technological development. Our maker space is equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters, various milling devices, and more!


Partner Summit Video

On October 28th, 2017, over 100 Minnesota business, education, and community tech leaders gathered to support The Great MN Tech 2Gether and learn what they could do to help ensure it’s success. Knowing that schedules are busy and not all of you could make it in person, we have made the panel video available here. Enjoy the countless insights from our conversation and we look forward to having you with us in the future!

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Saint Thomas Academy
949 Mendota Heights Rd.
Mendota Heights, MN 55120

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